17 thoughts on “silenzio

  1. Foto molto particolare, bella, con due tonalità di colori sazia e riempe il proprio spazio ed il proprio orizzonte.

    Baluardo di ere passate, dimora fantasma a difesa di un tempo scaduto e svenduto, abbandonato all’oblio del tempo e del silenzio, solo a rimirare orizzonti ormai perduti e per sempre vuoti.

    Ciaooo neh!

    1. Buongiorno Alan!
      Ma che bel piacete averti qui!
      Per salire siin lassù sapessi che fatica!
      …ma ne valeva la pena…più tardi ti metterò un link…così vedrai dove si trova quel vecchio rudere…un bacio e a presto!

    1. is a great pleasure to have you here.
      I’m very sorry do not know your language.
      and not be so present in your blog.
      In this period are not present, I have many things to do.
      Photography is a wonderful means of communication.
      I wanted to study it, but when I decided it was canceled the course.
      I think it’s a sign of destiny!
      I’m not good but I like to smell the images … there are wonderful blog, full of great photos.
      I can travel the world through them. And I’m really happy.
      Tutti.E I love you I love that you’re always so kind.
      kiss immense.
      PS: how do you write???
      I can not master behind in your comments!

      1. Your English is far better than my Italian my sweet and great friend, and as gfor your photographs it matters not whether you had a course, to be truthful your natural talents shine through with every photograph that you take and I always enjoy calling in to see your work.

        Your photographs always hold much variety, and always taken beautifully so I certainly appreciate your skills behind the lens 🙂 🙂 Don’t worry about commenting in my blog, I know that you are my sweet friend and that is all that matters to me 🙂 Have a lovely Monday Vento 😉

        Andro xxxx

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