the cube of copper

For you Mister Pirate


16 thoughts on “the cube of copper

  1. È Vento bello dalla Toscana. Il vento è un massaggio di parole, suoni e ora anche di passione – si sa della mia passione per il rame! Le bacio le dita, che producono così tanto con una leggera pressione sulle lettere e invio. Grazie!

    1. I think I remember that you have Italian friends where you live.
        Best wishes to them and the wind is always fresh and good for them.
        If you do not understand something, you can always get help!

      I am very happy …
      I take the kisses and all your kindness!
        goofle is stupid but now I love it because it helps me 😛

      1. I will tell them. Be careful with Italians – they love your poetry, and you know Italians, they are full of charm! Maybe one day they will start with wordpress – but they work very hard. They own very good small business here – ice cream shop and pizzeria – of course! If you are happy then I will now eat a big ice cream!

      2. learn Scottish! It is better!
        Here you will learn Finnish though..unless you speak and learn from me only. I can ask if they need help – but yes, I am here in Finland – not a good language to learn!

      3. OH!
        I thought American … of Colorado,
          Arizona … or some sort of cowboy always looking for something!
        Forgive the confusion.
        I have to remember that you live in Finland!

      4. some sort of cowboy, yes, but with reindeer! In the big empty space of Lappland. Before that with the camels in the desert of Saudi Arabia..of course Tuscany is more beautiful than both, but I like wild wilderness!

      5. And reindeer horns are very healthy to eat, by the way – before I used to drink camel cappucino in the desert! This is warm milk from a camel, which ‘froths’ naturally, then is ‘scooped’ from a bucket with a palm date from a tree. Now I eat reindeer horn and snow!
        and pizza!

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